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Me time isn't banned. 3 free ways to care for yourself.

Ladies.. we lead busy lives. We're moms, go to work, go to school, clean the house, and there when we're needed. There are so many hours in the day & there is only so much SH** you can get done - then by the time it's over you have to start over the next day.


This year I am all about giving back to myself. Giving myself positive energy. Giving myself small moments to just relax, reset, and unwind. Why? Uh - because momma ain't good if she's stressed out, okay..

That's why many of my clients enjoy their appointment time because it is one day out of many they can come in and do NOTHING.

You don't have to have a crazy amount of downtime or extra money laying around to practice self care.

  1. ENJOY your cup of coffee or tea. Yeah, you might be thinking - "I do this everyday." But do you? Do you really? Take a moment to sit in your favorite spot & really enjoy that peace, or that book, or that video while you are enjoying your coffee, tea, herbal water -- WHATEVER.

  2. Take a nice hot bath, alone. Yeah it might be precious to have those moments if you have babies or get a little hot and steamy when you're with your partner BUT how often do you take a nice hot bath alone? You can put meditation music, spa music, or if you're anything like me - you can never go wrong with 90s slow jams anywhere, anytime, You can kick it up a notch and add some faux candles, use those flowers your babe gave you BEFORE THEY DIE and add the petals to the water, and have a glass of wine. I don't do that last part - I don't really have the buds for some wine - I tried .

  3. Set an hour before you go to bed to do something YOU want to do. Catch up on your favorite show no one wants to watch with you. Catch up on a good book. Do some yoga, or take some time to draw.

I know it's tempting to catch up on errands and chores when we actually have a minute to ourselves but you should be at least be nicer to yourself. You are one person. No one can take care of your mind, your spirit, or your body like you can. It's okay to feel guilty about it - but just remember you are not being selfish for putting yourself first for 10 minutes.

Jo .


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