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Micro Tattoos

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Heart Shape Tattoo

Recently more and more celebrities started to get tiny tatts on their body. These Tiny Tattoos are designed to help you express yourself, but at the same time they are inconspicuous and people like how interesting and fun they really are. The best part about tiny tattoos is that they are visually distinctive. But they are still a part of your body once you put them there, so you really have to figure out whether you want to have such tattoos on you or not. 

There are artists who won’t do small tattoos

That’s because they are specialized in larger-scale body art. And these types of smaller art pieces are not exactly up their alley. It’s important to check the artist's portfolio and see whether they are specialized in tiny tattoos or not. Tiny tattoos typically run between $40-500, all depending on detail and location.

Two similar micro tattoos will never look the same

The reason for that is every micro tattoo is different. There are lots of factors involved too. Your skin might have a different tone, texture and so on when compared to other people. So you can’t expect your tiny tattoo to be identical with others out there.

Some of them are very delicate.

Depending on where you place these little tattoos, they need to be treated with extra care. Some of them might be on your veins or important parts of your body. Not to mention there are small tattoos that are very delicate and they need thicker lines to stand out.

Less care is always better

When it comes to tiny tattoos, it actually requires less care than large tattoo art. Your body will adapt to the tiny tattoos, so don’t overdo it. Let it heal and focus on your day to day life.

Micro Tattoos are amazing and they help you stand out and make a great impression. But at the same time they don’t require you to cover your body in a full suit of body art. Which is why many celebrities love tiny tattoos. And you should get one too, because it makes you stand out, it boosts your confidence level and it’s a fun way to show off your ideas as well!

For Aftercare information, please review the aftercare instructions in the menu at the top of this page !

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