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5 Ways to Level up Your Brow Game

There are plenty of options out there to tame or perfect your brows - after all the brows are practically the center of your frickin’ face ! Depending on the outcome and result you're looking for there's an option for everyone.

  1. Waxing + Tweezing

  2. Permanent Makeup

  3. Threading

  4. Brow Lamination

  5. Brow Tinting

Waxing + Tweezing This is usually the #1 brow maintenance go to . It’s super quick and convenient. You can get your brows done once a month and not have to worry so much . If you go to a specialist, like we have here at Aesthetik Artistry, they can even help you maintain your brows while you grow them in from over-plucking, razor, or waxing incidents from the past. con : not recommended for clients who have hypersensitive skin or take acne medication

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is one of our specialties - however there are plenty of professional artist in our industry. We recommend you research and consult with these professionals before undergoing permanent makeup. There are many techniques to choose from: Microblading, Pixelblading, Nanoblading, Combo Brows, Powder Brows . These are completely customizable and have low maintenance with touch ups being months to years in between; which means you won't have to stress sparse or thinning brows and carve time off your "get ready" routine.

Con: not everyone is compatible, a consultation is recommended and with many artists required Threading

This is a great alternative to waxing especially those with sensitive skin or using retinols or acne medication. A threading specialist will remove hairs using a specialized string.

Note: This is a service that isn't offered here at Aesthetik Artistry Studio, as Joanna only offers services she loves - not to say this isn't a great treatment option but because it's not her preference for hair removal.

Brow Tinting

A lot of people love the idea of having the look of fuller brows without the commitment to Microblading & permanent makeup yet at the same time not have to worry about makeup . This method is actually great for special occasions like weddings, social events, etc. It stains the skin which can last a couple days-a week depending on the person‘s skin type and lifestyle . It tints the brow hairs for about 4wks but most people don’t realize that or have that as their focus . Yes, this is also a service that's offered here at Aesthetik Artistry Studio.

Brow Lamination

This treatment is kind of like a perm but for your brows . It works by manipulating the natural brow hairs to give the look of fuller and bolder brows . You can usually see this paired with brow tinting . This can last between 4-8weeks.

Con: Not recommended for someone with extremely sparse or thinning brows.

Whether you are looking for a temporary short-term solution, maintenance, or a long-term solution. There are options that can help.

Contact us here at Aesthetik Artistry Studio if you need a little guidance at . We are always here as a resource for you no matter if you are a client of ours, curious, or thousand of miles away. ❤️


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