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How Aesthetik Artistry began..

Aesthetik Artistry Studio, previously J. Rosalee Esthetics, is a Luxury Beauty Studio based in Western Massachusetts. Operating since 2017, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality services with innovative Techniques and Quality products - only the best for our clients. As a woman who loves beauty, educating clients, & helping someone bring a smile back to their face, Joanna started her esthetics journey as a Freelance Makeup Artist which lead her to the esthetics industry, not to mention, she has a 6 year medical background. She prides herself in being able to provide the best for her clients because as we know, the world is always evolving and discovering new and better things - thus her belief to always provide up-to-date & contemporary services, techniques, and products. Whether you want to feel like yourself again, getting ready for an event, or just want to cut time on your daily routine, we are here to make sure that each and every client we are meet with is inspired and confident with an unforgettable experience.

Massachusetts Licensed Aesthetician

Massachusetts Licensed Aesthetics Instructor

Massachusetts Licensed Body Art Practitioner

12x Certified Cosmetic Tattooing

4x Certified Lash Artistry

3x Certified Paramedical Tattooing

12x Certified Advanced Aesthetics

AAM Board Certified

Restoration Specialist Out-Of-Network Provider

Certified Cosmetic Medical Micropigmentologist

OSHA Certified Bloodborne Pathogens

BLS + CPR Certified


Meet  Joanna


Licensed Esthetician

Lash Artist

Body Art Practitioner

I fell in love with beauty when I was "old enough" to play with makeup. As an adult, I began traveling to clients before establishing a place to call my home away from home, where I can educate & service clients to feel like their best self.

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