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To Clean Your


Before Your Lash Appointment

  • Avoid applying face creams or sunblock directly on the area around your eyes that will be treated. Some moisturizers contain oils that can interfere with the adhesive used for eyelash extensions, reducing their lifespan. 

  • Before the service, please take out your contact lenses to avoid any discomfort and damage to your contact lens. Cyanoacrylate, the main active ingredient in our professional adhesives can admit fumes which can result in shrinking your contact lens.

  • Remove all eye makeup using a gentle cleanser that is free from oils. Eye makeup can weaken the adhesive bond and shorten the lifespan of your eyelash extensions.


Be sure to have a freshly clean canvas before your appointment. It is not our responsibility to clean your eyelashes before application, this is your responsibility to ensure a clean canvas. If there are any traces of oil, sweat, grime, dirt, debris, makeup, tanner, lotions, serums, etc - this will negatively impact application and will result in poor retention and will void any complementary touch ups.

​If you would like to wash your lashes when you arrive, you may do so prior to your appointment in the restroom. We do have cleanser you may use, just ask us for a towel :) . Be sure to arrive early before your appointment to do so, if you are required to clean your lashes during your appointment time - you will lose application time and will be subject to pay full service cost.

Lash Extensions Care

Watch the video above to see how to properly wash your lashes.

It is so important to clean and care for your lashes to not only have great retention but also for the health of your natural lashes.


  • Immediately after your appointment, please be sure you do not swim, avoid excessive sweating, make up, oils and facial care products. These will effect your retention.

  • No makeup application same day of your appointment. This will negatively affect your retention.

  • No professional/facials or skincare, day of your appointment.

  • No spray tanning, day of your appointment. We recommended spray tanning 24-48 hours AFTER your appointment.

  • Avoid excessive heat such as hair styling (blow dryers, etc.), bonfires, cooking (direct oven exposure), etc.


  • Please clean your lashes with an approved eyelash extensions foaming cleanser. We do retail Lash Cleansers at the Studio, if you need one. Please be sure to cleanse your lashes 1-2 times a day. This will remove all sweat, dirt, debris, oils, & makeup from the lash extensions and natural lashes. YES, EVERYONE produces oils on their skin. It is how the skin stays hydrated and regulates it's temperature.

  • Oils, Sweat, Dirt, & Makeup will adversely effect the retention of your lash extensions. You pay for them to be done, please take care of them - not to mention Blepharitis (infection in the follicle from dirt, sweat, etc build up) isn't fun.


  • Please do not use makeup remover on your lashes or oils and skin care products on or near your eyes without washing your lashes.

  • Please do not use mascara or eyeliner on your lashes. You don't need it GIRL! However, if you do wish to use eyeliner purchase and use a lash extension safe eyeliner.

  • Do not pick or pull at your lash extensions. You will damage your natural lashes.

  • No excessive heat near the eyelash extensions. It can damage or fray the curl.

  • Be Gentle.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face.

  • Prolonged exposure to excess heat and moisture will affect the retention of your lash extensions. Active people, and those with humid environments (ex. summer, saunas, hot tubs) will notice their lashes do not last as long.

  • People who are naturally oily, feeling run down, stressed, or feel poorly, taking medication, or have rapid lash growth cycles will also notice that their extensions will be lost quicker.

  • It is usual to lose between 2-5 extensions per eye everyday. THIS IS NORMAL - your lashes grow at different rates & are naturally shed by the body daily.

  • Be sure to wash your lashes after using serums.

  • Never go to bed with makeup on. Wash your face and double cleanse your lashes before bed.

  • After a night of drinking, your body produces more sweat so be sure to wash your lashes before bed.

  • If you wear makeup, be sure to wash your lashes AFTER you remove your makeup and wash your face. Be sure to DOUBLE cleanse your lashes to be sure to remove all residue from lashes as this can negatively affect your retention.

  • Please keep in mind if using any vitamins or supplements, this will cause your cycle to be faster than normal, which means you will need more frequent maintenance .

  • Underlying conditions that affect your hormones will affect your body's hair growth cycle thus negatively affecting your retention.

  • After working out, always wash your lashes and remove the oils and sweat - this will help prevent poor retention.

  • Please schedule your Fill Appointments in advance every 2 weeks. If you have a low count of existing lashes, this will be considered a full set. If you have booked a fill and needed a full set, you will need to schedule a FULL SET. You are responsible for your maintenance.

  • Be sure to wash lashes after using saline drops or crying.

  • Be sure to wash your lashes after swimming.

Lash Bath

IMG_6170 (2).jpg


  • Frequent makeup use, esp oil based

  • Applying topical products to the skin & not washing your lashes and eye area at the end of the day. (topicals migrate)

  • Friction from your face and pillow - be wary of how you sleep (side and face sleepers have lower retention)

  • Not cleaning lashes with a lash approved cleanser DAILY

  • Feeling ill

  • Excessively touching lashes will transfer oils from finger tips to lashes

  • Picking, rubbing, and pulling lashes

  • Crying excessively & not washing your lashes directly after

  • Excessive tear production

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • STRESS !

  • Excessive heat (ex. blow drying, oven, bond fires)


Spring & Fall cycles : Your natural lashes shed at a faster rate during these times, this typically lasts 6-8 wks, you may need more frequent fills during these times, you are not alone.

Be sure to wash your lashes more frequently during allergy season pollen and pollutants get trapped in the lashes (as this is their natural function) and must be cleaned thoroughly, especially to avoid worsening your allergy symptoms. 

When getting professional facials done, have your service provider avoid the eye area and cover the eyes if using steam.

Be sure to bring a cleanser with you if you are going on vacation.

Eyelash extensions require proper aftercare and maintenance. If you have poor retention this is a major culprit. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions. All it is, is a addition to your daily routine. If it is too much maintenance for you we recommend a Lash Lift service instead.


Regular fill appointments for eyelash extensions are crucial because of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Each of your natural lashes has a specific growth phase, which includes a growth stage, a resting stage, and a shedding stage. The speed of your growth cycle can vary from person to person. 

When you get eyelash extensions, they are attached to your existing natural lashes. As your natural lashes reach the end of their growth cycle, they naturally shed, taking the attached extension with them. This is a normal part of the lash growth process.


Here's why frequent fills are necessary:

  1. Maintaining a Full Look: To keep your lash extensions looking full and lush, it's important to replace the extensions that have shed with your natural lashes and/or grow out excessively. Regular fills, typically every 2 to 3 weeks, help you maintain that glamorous appearance.

  2. Adapting to Growth Rate: Some people have faster lash growth cycles than others, and factors like lifestyle, genetics, and skincare routines can influence this. For those with faster growth or active lifestyles, more frequent fills may be needed to keep the extensions looking their best.

  3. Preventing Gaps: If you wait too long between fills, you may start to notice gaps in your lash extensions as your natural lashes shed. Frequent fills prevent these gaps from becoming noticeable.

  4. Longevity of the Extensions: Proper maintenance through regular fills ensures that your extensions last longer. If too many extensions fall out before a fill, it can require a full set which would be a more extensive and costly restoration compared to a maintenance fill.

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