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Areola Restoration

Areola & Nipple

Reconstruction Paramedical Tattoos

Is Areola tattooing right for me?

Areola/Nipple tattooing can help anyone feel their most confident self again. It can be right for you if you can relate to any of the following -

To bring back the natural appearance of breasts post-cancer treatment

Restore the appearance of the areola or nipple post breast augmentation

To camouflage or disguise nipple/areola scarring caused by trauma or surgery

After gender affirmation surgery

or just for cosmetic and reasons of confidence


As a certified Paramedical Tattoo artist, we are specifically trained using the ancient art of tattooing. We use specialized techniques, tools, and artistry to re-create the areolas and nipples, as well as camouflage scarring around the areola. These techniques help men, women, and transgender individuals to bring back familiarity and confidence.

We offer various treatments, depending on your individual needs.

Types of services we offer :

  • 3D Areola/Nipple reconstruction

  • Areola Restoration

  • Areola Enhancements

  • Areola Scar Camouflage

  • Gender Affirmation Nipple Tattoos

Many individuals consider Areola/Nipple Paramedical Cosmetic Tattooing for many reasons, some of which may be:

  • Mastectomy

  • Keyhole Surgery

  • Breast Lift

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Cancer

  • Pale or Light colored areolas/nipples

  • Gender Reassignment Surgery

  • & more

These techniques and services provide the final touch after many individual journeys and we are honored to spend this time with you and thank you for your trust. We understand how important this procedure is for physical and mental recovery after trauma. 

*Please note you must provide clearance from your doctor &/or surgeon before proceeding.

The Treatment Process

1. Before Procedure
2. After - Healed
3. Color Boost

Treatment Summary

Tattoo Icon.png

Procedure Duration

1-3 Hours

Tattoo Icon.png


As Needed

Tattoo Icon.png

Healing Period

4 weeks

Tattoo Icon.png


Within 30 days

Tattoo Icon.png

Sensitivity Period

0-48 Hours

Tattoo Icon.png

No. of Treatments


Tattoo Icon.png

Lasting Results

3-10 years

Tattoo Icon.png

Potential Risks

Swelling, Bruising, Itching

Treat Now, Pay Later

Areola Scar Camouflage

Tailored to your needs:

Areola Scar Camouflage Tattoo

As we mentioned, paramedical Areola tattoo procedures aren't just for Breast cancer survivors. We understand there are other individuals who have undergone trauma and experiences that may benefit from these types of procedures. Contact me today to see how I can help you.

Compatible Services

Inkless Scar Revision

Professional Inkless Scar Revision (ISR) is a non-pigmented scar camouflage or reduction treatment that is similar to skin needling and assists the individual in healing and revising scars after trauma, surgeries, or genetics. Inkless scar revision is considered one of the safest skin treatment procedures and works much better than other options - such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, microneedling, MCA/CIT, dry needling, and laser.

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Are you eligible for reimbursement for your upcoming Areola Tattoo?

  • Does it hurt?
    Eyelash extensions | No. The process of applying eyelash extensions when done professionally and properly should never hurt. Most of our clients take full advantage of this time to nap ! Lash Lift | No. The lash lift process does not hurt whatsoever. Lash Removal | No. The lash removal process involves products designed to remove the eyelash extensions gently and damage free.
  • How long does it last ?
    Lash Extensions | Lash extensions are applied to the natural lash individually. Lash extensions are hair which all grow at different rates before they naturally shed, which means the eyelash extensions will shed along with the natural lash. Therefore, touch ups are required to maintain your lash extensions. This is done every 2-3 weeks, depending on the speed of your lash cycle and aftercare. Lash Lift | Lash Lifting is a chemical process that curls and lifts your natural lashes. Of course, as hairs they grow at different rates before they naturally shed, which means the processed, or "curled" lashes will shed. Therefore, they typically last between 4-8 weeks depending on how long it takes to complete your growth cycle, at which you can choose to reprocess them every 4-8 weeks if you wish.
  • What is the aftercare?
    Please review the aftercare section on the top of the menu page & review the aftercare instructions to properly care for and maintain your lashes.
  • What should I expect during my appointment?
    Eyelash Extensions - Full Set | We will discuss lash designs and how you envision the look you want for your lashes. You will be laying on your back with your eyes closed for about 2 hours during your appointment for your full set of eyelash extensions. You can bring a blanket with you to keep you nice and cozy while you take your lash nap, if you'd like! Eyelash Extensions - Fills | Fills are done every 2-3 weeks. We recommended that you schedule your fill appointments in advance as we do book fairly quickly. Please select the appropriate fill option: Touch up appointments (should be selected if you have 50% of your lashes) or Extended Fills (should be selected should you have mega volume lashes, between 35-45% retention, or 3 week after your last appointment) . Lash Lift | Your service will take about 1 hour to complete. You will be laying on your back with your eyes closed while we process your lashes.
  • Will it damage my lashes?
    No, neither the lash lift or eyelash extensions should ever damage your lashes. They are applied or processed based on the health of your lashes.
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