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Lash Survival Guide : Summertime Edition

Summer time is MY favorite time of the year. It means long sunny days. Ice cream, bond fires, roasted marshmallows. Taking dips and trips to the ocean. I love that salty breeze (how I wish I was part mermaid!). It means grilling and having reasons to get all dressed up to conquer those beautiful summer days! I mean I CAN do without the random days of gross humidity 😆 BUT nevertheless, I absolutely LOVE summer.

If you know me, you know how much I am obsessed with my lashes. I don't even remember how I look without my lashes (jeez it has been soo long). They make me feel confident and beautiful on days I feel like I just want to roll out of bed and start my day. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I love the low maintenance of lash extensions. Sh*t, I don't need to wear makeup everyday to hide any flaws because I have these babies to brighten up my look. I can only imagine having to wear mascara and it running down my face with this summer heat. Not to mention, the dam strips that never want to stay in place while NO ONE around me is willing to tell me the dam strip is lifting and flying away from my face. (not a great look by the way 😒😮‍💨).

We all have our reasons for falling in love with our eyelash extensions, however with summer rolling in we need to take a little added measure to make sure we are taking care of our investments. You pay for your lashes, why not take care of them - right ?

You might have questions about if you able to swim with your lashes or even enjoy a cozy bond fire . We'll get into that and more 🖤

Here's a little guide to Summer Time Lash Survival !

Can I go swimming if I wear lash extensions?

Of course ! Did I mention that I wished I was part mermaid. Did you think I was the kind of person that laid up in the sun and didn't dip a "toe" into the water? Not I.. I will say because the ocean is made up of salt water and the pool has chlorine in it - I do recommend that you wash your lash extensions before you leave the pool/beach. If you forget to bring your lash cleanser, don't worry - Just like you would rinse yourself off after swimming, you can do the same with your lashes. Take an extra bottle of water and rinse then off until you are able to get home to properly cleanse them with your lash bath cleanser. Promise me, you won't skip that last step. Just like you would wash your hair once you've gotten home from the beach, you should also wash your lashes.

SPF Worries

As a Licensed Aesthetician first and foremost, protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is a must. You should always wear sunscreen before going outside (even if its NOT summer). You want to soak up the youth and drive wrinkles and aging away. That being said, I don't recommend that you use SPRAY on sunscreen on your face ! Sun screens are typically oil based and if they get onto your lashes, they can negatively affect your retention and lead to premature lash shedding. Instead, use a sunscreen lotion OR simply spray the sunscreen onto your hands THEN apply it to your face avoiding your eye area.

Beware of FIRE

Well.. beware of fire AND heat! Excessive heat can damage your lashes and relax the curl of the eyelash extensions. If you are cooking, grilling, or hanging out by the fire make sure you keep a safe distance - not only to protect your from burning yourself babe but to also AVOID cause your lashes to singe!

You can't stop your body from sweating.

One of the many reasons your body creates sweat is to regulate your body temp. to prevent you from over heating. You also produce sweat around your eyes. Now before you say, "NOPE, not me". Listen to me when I say, EVERYONE does. You can test this by using blotting paper after a long day. If you are working out, please be sure to wash your lashes with your cleanser afterwards OR rinse them off with clean water until you get home to clean them. After a long day always be sure to wash them, this should be done daily or as often as necessary throughout your day. In addition to sweat, there's dirt, debris, pollen, etc. You don't want that to get stuck in between your lashes.

I know you may think wow, that seems like a lot but in all reality it's very simple. The key to maintaining your lash extensions and the health of your natural lashes is to clean your lashes. You don't like to be sweaty so you might just shower more during the day, you may wash your face more often, why not your lashes. It only takes a second for that added measure when you're already going to be showering and washing your face more. Be nice to your lashes and they'll be nice to you . ❤️

I hope you have an amazing summer. I can't wait to see you during your next appointment. If you have any questions you can always email me or contact me directly. That's what I'm here for !


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