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Areola Tattoo AFtercare x

Let's Talk Care .

How to care for your new Areola Tattoo and What to Expect

General Care Outlines

1. For 2 weeks or until there is no scabbing - no pool/swimming, hot tub, submerging unto bath, or sauna until your tattoo is completely healed.

2. PLEASE do not pick or pull on any scabs, if you do it will sabotage your healing process and will pull out the pigment prematurely

3. No exercise or sweating for the time when there's scabbing (approx. 14 days or longer if visible) any kind of sweat will pull out the pigment and it will not be good for your new areola tattoo.

4. You can wear a bra at anytime.

1 to 3 days after your procedure

- After your procedure, Tegaderm(s) will be placed over your areola tattoo(s), unless you have an allergy to the Tegaderm, then an alternative dressing will be placed. Leave this dressing on for 3 days. 

- You may shower with the Tegaderm on.

- As your skin heals, fluid may build up under the dressing. This is normal.

- I will provide you with extra tegaderm in case your tegaderm gets loose or there is too much fluid that is dripping out. Please carefully remove the tegaderm with clean hands, pat dry the surrounding area with a clean non-lint gauze and proceed to apply the new tegaderm.

4 days after the procedure

- Remove the tegaderm dressing, gently cleanse the area in the shower with warm water and gentle soap. Please be careful and do not rub the area to get it clean.

- Leave any scabs that may have formed alone. They will heal and come off on their own.

- After your showers, dry the area gently. Apply non-scented lotion (such as lubriderm, aveeno, or eucerin) to the tattoo area until it absorbs.

5-14 days after the procedure

- Continue applying the non-scented lotion to the area at least once a day

- You may apply lotion more than once a day if the area looks dry

Call your Nurse or Physician Assistant if you have:

- a temperature of 101 or higher

- Pain at or around the treatment area

-Increasing redness or warmth at or around the treated area

- Thick drainage at or around the treated area

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