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Studio Update Fall 2022

When I started out in this industry I knew I wanted to run things in not only the professional's view but also the client's point of view. I pride myself in conducting my business the way I would like to be treated as a client with respect to the business.

I put my kids and my clients before myself, always. On my days "off" from the studio, you may not see it.. but I'm still working. I spend time with my kids while trying to deal with the back ends of my business. I also stop everything I am doing just to meet with you face-to-face for video consultations. I try to respond to all my calls, text messages, and emails from you at a timely matter - like you've heard me before, but I'll say it again - "If I'm not busy or sleeping, you WILL hear back from me." I know I post that I typically respond within 24 business hours but we all know if you message me and I'm free - you'll hear from me right away.

That being said I have so many exciting things planned and changes to make starting this coming September.

My overhead expenses have been rising since returning from the shut down many moons ago and I've been trying to keep the service prices as low as possible but unfortunately I do have to make the minimal increases, while keeping true to my business and myself in the eyes of my clients. I've talked to so many of you and I truly care and appreciate you.

In order to compensate for the price increase, I've also changed some of the service structures and also made it a mission to make payment plans available to you all (seriously, a pain in the butt but I made it happen) .

Service Structure

This may be a slight change on your end but it is definitely easier for the both of us.

Eyelash Extensions Touch Ups and Fills will now be separated. Some of you need minimal time to complete your touch ups because you take such great care and maintain your routines - while some of you need a little love most of the time. You will now see the Standard touch up option for maintenance appointments - it's the standard touch up appointment duration. If you know you have a lot of natural lashes, usually have 35-45% of retention, faster shedding cycle, of just want/need more appointment time.. you can add the EXTENDED FILL TIME option at the time of booking. If you aren't sure you could always try the extended fill time at your next visit (it is the same appointment duration as the appointment structure you're used to).

You may notice that SUGARING AND WAXING appointments are kind of the same way. Certain treatment areas can now be upgraded to sugaring at the time of booking. For example, if you choose to get an Underarm wax, you can add the "UPGRADE TO SUGARING" option at the time of booking. No more forgetting to ask when you come in.


For those of you who have enrolled in electronic punch cards -

I know I switched from the punch card to electronic punch cards but because I do have some clients that rather than rely on technology, I will be switching back to punch cards. You'll be receiving your current points (if applicable) on your punch card and will be your beautiful new card in your hands starting September 1st.


As a courtesy to the clients on my waiting list or looking to book any available appointment, I will continue to have you to cancel or reschedule your appointments 48 hours in advance.

I have changed my Cancellation policy to be more flexible; so instead of a 50% cancellation fee for all services missed, no-showed, canceled or rescheduled (which is considered a cancellation WITHIN 48 hours...

It is now: ...

24 hours minimum in advance .

20% cancellation fee for cancellations within 24 hours .

50% cancellation fee for same day cancellations, missed appointments, no shows.

Review the updated changes here


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