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Stop hurting your skin this Winter

Our skin needs protection in the Winter and Cold months too - not just summer . You might not even realize, you have to change your skincare routine to protect your skin in the winter !

Cold skin functions poorly & is compromised easily.

Here’s some free tips to help you take care of your skin !

1️⃣ wear spf - the sun doesn’t go away in the winter . Your skin is still vulnerable to ultraviolet damage !

2️⃣ moisturizer is your best friend !

Cold air can’t hold moisture which means your skin will get dry. Heavier moisturizers are a necessity to protect your skin from transepidermal water loss. A good moisturizer will help you avoid flaking, cracking, and itching .

3️⃣ Drink plenty of water 💧

You can lose 500ml of transepidermal water everyday. This will prevent your skin from dehydration. (& yes babe, your skin can get dehydrated. Just because your skin feels dry doesn’t mean it is, it can be just dehydrated)

4️⃣ make sure you’re eating “good fats” .

Salmon, almonds, avocado 🥑

Fatty acids help maintain your skin’s moisture barrier .

5️⃣ make sure you continue to use antioxidants. Use products or take Vitamin E & Vitamin C . Cold skin = the best environment for free radicals

6️⃣ don’t use HOT HOT water . It’ll make winter damaged skin worse. HOT water and harsh a** soap can tear up your skin’s barrier.

7️⃣ don’t forget your lips and carry a dam chapstick . Cold and wind damage on the lips HURT !

8️⃣ use a humidifier at home to keep the air moist and help with breathing.


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