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Oil + Brows Don't Mix

Or do they !?

Microblading vs Oily Skin

Not everyone is a good candidate for Microblading. When it comes down to skin types specifically, make sure you speak to your Brow Artist about which technique will be the right fit for you.

That being said, let's have a little chat about Microblading Oily Skin.

It isn’t impossible, but it isn’t ideal.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are stubborn, have oily skin, and really really want no other technique but Microbladed brows.

  1. Your artist should let you know that your skin type may make it harder for the hair-like strokes to heal nice and crisp. With oily skin, the pigment can move around a little or blur & look thicker than expected.

  2. You can also expect your pigment to fade faster because it is being pushed out by the sebum (oil) - which means you will have to touch up your brows more frequently & have poor retention.

  3. You may need a 3rd touch up after your completion session, depending on how successfully your skin heals & how well it retains the pigment.

  4. After a few touch ups, you may want to go the powder brow route as the pigment expanding may lead you to that route.

If you you are still adamant on getting your brows Microbladed & you have oily skin -

Your artist should let you know that they have to make fewer strokes & leave space between them during your initial visit - that way your strokes won’t blurr and merge together. In the plus side, that means there would be less trauma made on your skin & you’ll usually heal quicker. When you come back for your touch up or completion session, your artist will take a look at your brows and the strokes that were implanted, check out how they healed, & how well your body was able to retain the pigment. If you are good to go, and had very little migration - your artist may be able to add more strokes & fill any gaps.

Another thing you should be aware of is - aftercare ..

Let’s say you had a successful Microblading experience with your oily skin & don’t mind having to touch them up ever so often –

Other than your skin’s oil production, you also have to worry about exfoliation.

Your body naturally exfoliates your skin about every 28-30 days (this varies), so you want to make sure you don’t encourage more aggressive forms of exfoliation in addition to that.

When you have oily skin, you usually use skincare products that are made for oily skin, right ?

Well, you might want to adjust your skincare routine. These products usually have retinols, exfoliators, and acids that revs up your skin’s exfoliating process which will speed up pigment fading.

Make sure you have a chat with whichever artist you choose and see if Microblading is right for you or if any other techniques may be better for you - such as

Powder Brows, Nanoblading, Pixelblading, Combo Brows..

There may be an alternative option for you !

Don't let having oily skin discourage you! You can definitely get Microbladed properly if you wanted to . Just keep this tea in mind if you decide you want to go this route,


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