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Let’s Talk Party Lashes !

Hey there my beauties !

I just wanted to have a little chat about party lashes.. A.K.A Cluster Lashes ... Sometimes deceivingly called ..

Individual Lash Extensions .


These babies aren’t the same things your lash tech used to apply voluminous lash extensions on you with . Cluster lashes are actually meant for temporary wear not everyday wear . They are extremely popular for ladies on their wedding day or even prom . They are applied much differently than professional eyelash extensions . Think of this analogy..

Think of a Strip Lash cut into sections & glued onto the lashes by section, not individually applied to each individual natural eyelash. When this happens, you doesn’t allow your lashes to grow out Properly. Each hair on your body grow at different rates (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen) . Thats when you begin to feel tugging and pulling and pinching & over all discomfort. Some ladies may tug and pull on the in attempts to relieve their discomfort and end up pulling out their natural lashes resulting in sparse lash line . Ouch !

no matter what you decide, this is only to help educate you in making an Informed decision.

Until Next Time !


- Jo


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