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Consultations : Are they even important ?!

You might be interest in getting a service . Maybe it's your brows, maybe it's lashes, maybe even a facial . Some people may watch youtube videos about those services or research them using google . Not everything is easily found on google, though. This is where Consultations come into play.

Consultations are how professionals can evaluate if you are a good candidate for the service or procedure you are looking for.

If it's lashes..

We may take a look at the health of your natural lashes & make recommendations that would be best for you with the outcome that you are looking for. We will discuss what to expect during the service, how to care for them, & how to prep your lashes before you even come in for the service.

If it's permanent makeup (whether it's lips or brows..)

We will take a look at your brows and see if they are virgin brows or if you have had them done with tattoo or permanent makeup in the past. We will take a look at the shape of your brows/lips, your facial structure (bone structure & facial muscles), the amount of brow hairs you have or lack there of or how full your lips are. We will discuss your medical history &/or medications you are on. That is very important as you may either need doctor approval or may be instructed to possibly stop taking your medication (with doctor consent) , this depends of course. This is also important because we may need to alter application techniques or healing methods. We will also take a look at your skin type and life styles as this can affect healing and longevity.

Never skip a consultation it is the best way to get you the results you need/want. It also gives you a vibe from each other. You probably wouldn't want someone working on your skin who you don't click well with or who doesn't want your best interest at heart.

Schedule a consultation before hand, you'll be happy you did.


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