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Baby, I'm back! The trainer is in the building!

When COVID hit, many businesses had to shut their doors. I know I felt that impact. For a few months, I was basically unemployed and itching to get back doing what I do best : servicing my amazing clients and teaching students ! It was a nice distraction in the beginning. I saw it as a mini vacation until the boredom struck.

Once we reopened I was completely booked serving my clients and trying to find a new rhythm. Everything was different. I found myself having less and less time and I spent more and more time in the Beauty Suite than I did at home and when I was home I found myself still working from home. Business is still jumping but since I've come back into the swing of things, I still hadn't found the time to go back to training students.

Fast forward years later, I wanted to give back to potential students and teach them everything I know and everything I wish I knew when I first started on my journey. I began updating all my curriculum and building new ones!

I am proud to announce that I will be launching new trainings and education tools for new and advanced students and beauty professionals. I am launching my new Classic lash course which is a hybrid one-on-one course - part online instruction (so you can learn new skills at your own pace) and part in-person instruction (so you can get ALL the hands-on experience). I will be offering mentorships and start up help. I'll also have exclusive fully online courses for those who like to learn on the GO!

There will be Ebooks, PMU trainings, and so much more !

Keep an eye out on my social media pages - you can find me on instagram or facebook !

I can't wait to meet you !


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