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4 Great Gift Ideas to Spoil Her this Christmas

It’s that time of year again . The time of year when you rack your brain on finding a perfect her the perfect gift in time for the holidays! On top of that, you also need to find a gift for your mom, your daughter, your sister, and maybe even your best friend! It can be stressful, I know. I get it, trust me. Maybe I can help a little help.

Here’s a little Holiday Gift Guide to make your gift search just that much simpler :

1 . A gift to.. help her relax

We know the perfect way to relax after all the holiday stress. Most women just want to take a moment to lay down and do nothing. No chores, no kids, no cooking, no work.. just being still for just a moment. Treat her to a little nap with a gift certificate for Lash extensions or lash lift . She'll wake up refreshed and confident. Don't worry fellas we don't specialize in huge "tarantula" look lashes over here. 🤣 Believe it or not, many of our clients husbands are asking their wives when are they coming back !

2. Get her a Self Care Bath Box

Have you noticed that she might feel a little self conscious with her ingrown hairs . Has she mentioned wanting to try something to help treat them or even help even out the skin tone on her lady bits? Sometimes we don't show it but those things can make us feel a little self conscious. We have made-to-order Pamper Me Boxes with professional grade at home care products created vegan friendly and cruelty free . The bonus ? The box include a mini bubbly, wine glass, and bath bomb to help her relax and have tranquil experience at home all while taking care of her skin!

3. Does she complain you never chip in for her waxes or her lashes ? Buy her a series of services with a package deal! Send her over 6 times and I guarantee she'd stop mentioning it (thank us later! 😉) . Did I mention that no matter which package you choose you'd get 10% off each service in that package ! (Shh.. don't worry it'll be our little secret 🤫)

4. Get her a Gift Certificate for the Brows she's always wanted !

Trust me fellas, a lot of us girls feel self conscious with our brows. As we're getting older or brow hairs are getting thinner, it takes us longer to throw on make up before we go out for dinner - save her some time and help her get her groove back with the gift of brows or lashes .

Not sure what to pick ?

Contact us and we can help your point you in the direct direction .

We can even wrap up a gift certificate for you so she'll have something to open Christmas morning.. it's better than a boring envelope guys!


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