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The real about pmu brows

I absolutely fell in love with Cosmetic Tattooing, specifically permanent makeup. I love the way I can help someone proclaim their confidence back with something as simple as brows - people like my mother who inspired me because she was always was unhappy with how thin her brows were from getting then waxed so thin & I was blessed to come across this years ago & was able to help her. People who :

  • the older they get they more sparse their brows have become over time

  • Years of over plucking or waxing

  • Not wanting to use makeup everyday

  • Having difficulties with alopecia

  • Or even people just looking to get a little help with symmetry

There are things to understand though. If you didn’t read the what to expect page that can be found under the brow services or even pmu aftercare , go ahead and check it out !

Now it’s important to have realistic expectations with this procedure just as if you were looking into a regular tattoo, liposuction, a breast lift , or anything that has to do with altering your skin or body .

It isn’t as simple a waving a magic wand and wishing something to existence.

We have a number of things to take in account including facial symmetry . Facial symmetry plays an important role in how we look. Not one person living on this earth is 100% symmetrical. It is physically impossible. If you take a mirror to anyone , whether it be Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, or even yourself . Mirror the right side or your face to the right side and the left to the left, with one photo you will look like 3 different people . This is because your muscle, muscle tone, elasticity, bone structure , etc , plays apart on how your feature lay on your face . You can copy and paste the same shape brows on someone who has a slight dominance in their frontal is muscle and they will never look 100% even , when though you know you put that sticker one and it’s the same exact thing .

The job of cosmetic tattooing is to enhance the brows, lips, nipples, etc . We can create the illusion of symmetry & this is how amazing artists can help so many amazing men and women . When you find an artist that you trust, trust the process, and have realistic expectations… now that’s where the magic happens . ❤️


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