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Spring Cleaning : Lash Edition

Spring is upon is & I am sure, you are just as excited about that as I am . Warm weather & sunny days..

yessssss ! I can’t wait !

.. but what about your lashes ?!

You will always hear me talking about how important it is to clean your eyelash extensions until I am blue in the face .

To those of who, who missed me gabbing or just happened to stumble on this blog post .. just remember this mantra —

always clean your lashes

now more about why it’s so important to do so in the spring ..

we all know, spring is the time of year when all the pretty plants begin to bloom & what happens when that happens?

Pollen !

Pollen happens .

I don’t really have allergies to pollen or have the issue with watery eyes, sneezing.. you know that whole thing — but my clients and my kids do so I understand !

Lets rewind before I get to my point, that way you can better understand where I am going with all of this.

The job of your natural eyelashes is to prevent any dirt, debris , or foreign matter coming into contact with your eye (in Layman’s terms, it protects your eye from anything possibly irritating it or damaging it) .

When you wear eyelash extensions, the eyelashes are longer, thicker, and or fuller - which means it catches way more foreign matter to protect your eye. This could be makeup, dirt, debris, sweat, oils, AND (in the spring time) POLLEN.

So ladies, if you suffer from seasonal allergies and you have eyelash extensions, you may have noticed that your eyes water more, get puffy, you rub your eyes more , and they may even seem to get irritated. This is because of your seasonal allergies and your eyelashes job to catch and prevent that pollen in the air from getting into your eye, but the problem with that is that the pollen may get stuck in your lashes ! So if you don’t already do so be sure to wash your lash extensions 1-2 times a day to remove any and all pollen off of your lashes . It will give you an immediate sense of relief ! because trust me girl, solely using an antihistamine or eye drops won’t cut it if you‘re not cleaning your lashes !

Another tip is to keep a mascara wand around, that way you can brush some of the pollen or matter out of your lash extensions .

The beautiful weather is coming and I just want those who suffer from seasonal allergies to be prepared .

if you have any questions, please feel free to email me . I will help guide you or answer any questions you may have .

Happy Spring everyone !


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