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Leaves are falling.. but so are your lashes

Tips To Maintain Your Lash Extensions This Fall

Fall leaves autumn season

Summer is coming to an end. The night is starting to cool down. That means it's almost time for boots, cute sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. The leaves on the trees will be falling and you'll even notice your lashes will shedding more than usually too. Here's your reminder not to freak out. I promise my love, this is completely normal.

Each individual natural lash grows at different rates in one cycle. It can 30-90 days to complete one growth cycle. These phases include : Anagen (the baby phase), Catagen (the teenage phase), and Telogen (the adult phase). Once the natural lash completes a growth cycle it then sheds and starts over. When the natural eyelash sheds.. so does the attached eyelash extension.

In the fall and winter, your lashes tend to shed more frequently. This means you will need to tweak your maintenance if you want to make sure your lashes sit pretty per usual !

Here's a couple tips to help maintain your lashes :

  1. Book an extended fill . Because your lashes are shedding more, you will need more time to get your lashes to be filled to perfection.

  2. Come in every 2 weeks . Again, because your lashes are shedding more frequently, you wouldn't want to wait 3 weeks for a fill. You'll risk needing a full set by the time you come in. If you're really committed to maintaining your lashes you may want to come in every other week.

  3. Use a water-based serum to keep your natural lashes nourished and becoming brittle from the cooler temperatures. You may notice your skin is a bit more dry than it was during the summer. Your hair will also be affected.

Make sure you ask your lash artist for recommendations and tips to help you care for your lashes this season .


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