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Lash Extensions + Seasonal Allergies

So many people suffer from seasonal allergies . With the weather changing, pollen and other environmental pollutants are floating in the air . Maybe you’ve noticed your eyes becoming watery, itchy, dry feeling .. no, you’re not becoming allergic to your lashes , chances are you’re suffering from seasonal allergies !

One of the main jobs of our natural lashes, is to protect the eye by preventing foreign debris and objects from entering the eye. When it comes to pollen, dust, and other allergens - & when you have lash extensions you’re lashes will catch more allergens in the air to protect your eye. This means that the allergens will get caught in your eye and you start to experience those annoying allergy symptoms.

What you can do to help ?

You should be cleaning your lashes everyday . If you suffer from season allergies, I recommend this allergy season that you keep your lash cleanser handy and readily available at all times - keep it in your work out bag, car, purse, work locker .. keep it near by . That way when can wash those allergens away to help relieve those symptoms. It also helps to have a mascara wand close by if you happen to forget your cleanser, so that you can brush some of the allergens away That are stuck in between your lashes. If your doctor says it’s okay, you can take allergy medication to help with the symptoms as well . If you don’t, you will be annoyed and uncomfortable all day. You can risk poor retention because your eyes will be more watery and some of you may even pick or rub your eyes excessively creating friction . Don’t do this.

Don’t be miserable ! You can do something ! ❤️

If you have any questions , you can feel free to reach out to me or your artist.

Happy Spring !


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