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PMU BROWS : Why Thick Scabbing is Cause for Alarm !

If you are thinking about permanent makeup brows (like Microblading, Powder, Combo, Nano, whichever) or if you've gotten your brows done & are wondering if scabbing is normal , keep reading & I'll tell you -

With any permanent make up procedure, it's normal and expected for you to go through a healing process. You should & will experience light scabbing and flaking. This is normal !

What's NOT normal is super THICK gross scabbing, like the kind you have as a kid that fell off your bike as a kid & scraped the crap out of your knee & completely skinned it.. well maybe not exactly like that, but I hope you catch my drift.

Permanent makeup is created by inserting pigment into the skin similar to traditional tattoo methods, and creates a wound in the skin which when heals leaves you with a semi-permanent makeup tattoo. Your artist will give you instructions on how to properly take care of your skin and new brows until they heal. It isn't something you can completely ignore or a piece of paper you can just shove at the bottom of your purse or glove compartment - it's super important for you to not only take care of your investment but also your skin.

Two of the most important things will be :

  1. Clean your brows ! You should clean your brows at least twice a day for 2 weeks, This is to make sure your brows don't become infected from outside bacteria invading your skin/body. We wouldn't want that right !? It also removes excess lymph .

  2. Apply a thin layer of aftercare ointment after your brows are dry and each time you clean your brows as needed. Applying too much ointment can create thick scabs to form because you'll be suffocating the area which triggers a response to your body that the area isn't getting enough oxygen to heal itself - thus producing more lymph. Lymph is how your body creates scabbing to help heal your wounds. This is why applying a thin layer of ointment is important. It moisturizes the area enough to allow your skin to heal and alert your body that the area has enough moisture to heal and it doesn't need anymore "help".

Thick scabs can lead to poor retention and the possibility of needing more sessions than you would typically need to perfect your brows. It can also lead to infections if not care for properly!

If you aren't sure if something is normal or not, reach out to your artist and send them a photo. they can tell you if you are healing normally. As always, healing requires time and patience . Your skin will be going through many changes that may seem scary but its okay to ask questions. Your artist should also make sure you are aware of those changes so you know what to expect and what is normal.

It's so important for you to care for your brows after you get them done. You invested in them, why not take care of them?


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