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"I have short lashes, can I still get a lash lift?"

A lift lift is an awesome low maintenance option for the beauties who are very minimalistic.

It's true that a lash lift can give amazing results especially to those who have long thick, natural lashes - but the question remains, will a lash lift benefit those who have short natural eyelashes?

If you are someone who has short lashes and want to break their lash curlier because it never seems to work.. a lash lift may just be what you were looking for.


.. as long as your lashes are at least 4mm in length. Any shorter just isn't possible and can possibly lead to damage to your natural lashes.

As with any service, I want to make sure you understand what the service is and what to expect.

A lash lift is also known as a lash perm. This procedure uses your existing natural eyelashes and manipulates the curl in order for your natural lashes to appear longer, darker (when you add a tint), and more separated. As a certified artist, we can only work with what you naturally have - which means we can make them look longer however the length is based on what you already have as it simply lifts the lashes from the root. If you have natural straight lashes you cannot expect them to look like a dramatically long lash strip - however they will appear longer especially if your lashes grow more straight because again, we are lifting them from the root.

Benefits of a lash lift for short natural lashes:

  1. Natural lashes appear longer.

  2. You can ditch the lash curler!

How you can maximize your results:

  1. Invest in lash conditioning products and lash serums before and after your service. You can use castor oil to help condition your natural lashes to prevent breakage, while using lash serums can have conditioning ingredients in them as well but they also can help your lashes grow as they can stimulate your lash growth cycle and maintain the health of the lashes, and can help them to grow in thicker.

Contact local lash lift artists and see if they specialize in Lash Lifts for Short Natural lashes.

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