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PMU 101 

and Which Technique is Right for Me?

Please read before making your permanent makeup appointment, as not everyone is a good candidate for this service. These are required readings prior to scheduling an appointment.

Things you should know before receiving any permanent makeup

1. All these techniques are a form of tattoo and are permanent. Your skin may or may not accept the pigment and/or strokes.

2. No two sides of the face are totally symmetrical, this includes your eyebrows. Every effort is made to make your eyebrows as symmetrical to your facial features as possible, but PERFECT symmetry shouldn't be expected.

3. Additional touch up appointments may be necessary for your desired look to be achieved. We are dealing with the superficial layers of the skin, which are constantly trying to turnover. Your results may vary and this should be considered before scheduling your appointment.

4. You may arrive at your appointment with your eyebrows penciled in as you like them (optional). I will take into account the shape you like, but will also share my input and suggestion according to your natural shape and features. We will work together to reach the desired shape.

5. If you have an existing Eyebrow Tattoo or permanent makeup performed by another permanent makeup artist, I will not consider you as a client unless it is 80-90% faded. I would need to see your eyebrows in person to determine this, or via emailed pictures. Email photos to

6. Because the purpose of this technique is meant to give you a natural look, it will not look good over an older, ill-shaped darker tattoo. It would be best to have that old tattoo removed before attempting Hair Strokes. In some cases, I can correct the old tattoo. Please contact me if this is your situation.

7. Your eyebrows will appear BOLDER immediately after the procedure. This applies in every procedure. Hair strokes or color will appear crisp and bold until the top layer of pigment begins to exfoliate off around week 2-3

8. If you are a smoker, your pigment will fade faster and the topical anesthetics used during the treatment will not last as long. This also applies to anyone using topical steroids and oral/topical antibiotics (not recommended).

9. This procedure will NOT be performed if you are pregnant or nursing.

10. If you have oily or combination skin, the Microblading technique may not work well for you. The constant production of oil will cause the hair strokes to heal with a blurry or migrated muddy look or the possibility of NO pigment being retained by the skin (this includes skin type, lifestyle such as working out, career, or outdoor activities, etc). Every client is different, but we can discuss your personal situation.

11. Microblading permanent makeup will eventually look more powdered overtime. This happens with all Microblading. Skin ages and so will change the look of the microbladed brows. Everyone will be a little different.

12. Important Note- I must know if you are under the care of a Doctor for any medical condition. I must also know of any prescription medications you are on. If this pertains to you, please email me through the link on this website.

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