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Managing Your Appointments

Have you booked a couple appointments in advanced and forgot that you've deleted the confirmation emails? Oh no.

You can keep track and manage your appointments easily in two different ways.

Continue to read down below to learn how -

- to register for an account online


- to manage your appointments on our app

How to Register for an Account Online

With an online account you can manage your account information, view your pre-filled questionnaires, manage your appointments - all within our online portal. Logging in before booking an appointment also allows you to save form data you've already entered previously so you won't have to re-enter every time!

Step One . Once you enter our website, click "secure an appointment" on the main page.

Step Two . You will enter the booking site you can book an appointment as you normally would

Step Three . After you filled out all required information in order to secure your appointment, you will be on the confirmation page.

Step Four . One the Confirmation page, you can scroll all the way to the bottom in which you can either download the app OR you can click "register for an account"

Step Five . After registering for an account, you can then login on the main booking site located on the top right corner.

What if I've already made an appointment?

So you've already made an appointment and you're wondering how you can register for an account ? Easy. Head over to your email, then click the "Change/Cancel Appointment" button (don't worry we're not making an changes to your appointment, I promise!). After you click that button, it will take you to the confirmation page on the booking site (look familiar?). If you scroll to the bottom, you can click to register for an account - that way you can simply login before booking your next appointment. Easy Peezy.

How Do I download the App to Manage my appointments

Any appointments made in the app can be managed directly in the app. The login for the app is only for the app itself. You cannot use your login information from the online portal as you can also book with other business using the app just like other systems such as Vagaro.

In order to download the app with an android phone use the link below

In order to download the app with an apple device use the link below

Step One . Now that you've downloaded the app, you can register for an account. Click the icon that looks like a person on the bottom right. Click register and follow the prompts with your information. Once completed you can login.

Step Two . Now click the icon that looks like a house on the bottom left, on the top right corner there will be a "+" icon. Click this icon to add us to your business favorites in order to book and view.

Step Three . You can copy and paste his link under "Business Scheduling Url" :

or you can scan the QR code in the example video above using your phone camera do you the same!

Step Four . From the home page, you can click our scheduler and book anytime

Step Five . Click the second icon from the left that looks like a mini calendar, this is where you can view all appointments you've scheduled within the app. Here you can view, cancel, or reschedule your appointments.

We hope this helps and I'll see you soon. :)

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