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Manage Stress with Self Care : Working Moms Edition

Stress can affect you mentally, physically, and emotionally. As moms and spouses, we tend to be the primary caretakers & when you add business or work - that's triple the stress.

I am a mom first, spouse second, and a soloprenuer third. Having to juggle the kids, the house, the personal and business bills and financial obligations, spend time with your spouse, being available to clients, etc. It can become ALOT to handle at times - and let me tell you.. burn out is real!

No matter who you are and what your situation is, we can all become overwhelmed with stress over time. It bubbles and builds. It can wear us down and make us feel unmotivated. The reality is, when you feel your best mentally, physically, and emotionally, you feel like you can accomplish anything. Acts of self-care really does boost yourself and recharges your battery (this is backed up by science people).

Many of us, especially working moms, tend to put ourselves on the back burner. We take care of everything and everyone else first before we even THINK about taking care of ourselves. We begin to feel guilty about wanting to get our nails done, buy an outfit, or even have 10 minutes of alone time. After a while we begin to feel drained. We hate how we look in our own reflections, we don't want to get out of bed, or we may even have a shorter fuse. That just isn't healthy.

We need to remember that our needs are important too. Self care prevents us from burning out - from taking care of others, from all the stress from work, from our life struggles. It allows you the time to have a moment and mentally reset, to take a break, and escape.

Self care isn't selfish.

There are plenty of things you can do to get in a little bit of self-care in every once in a while. Here are my favorite ways to indulge myself and get anyway from the stress in my self to recharge in order for me to be the best mom, fiance, and small business owner I can be:

Self-care at work

  1. To us moms who work for ourselves can forget to take a break. I know I am guilty of this. It's important to carve out a little time to sit and eat and relax in the middle of your day.

  2. Take 5 minutes to stretch!

  3. Learn to say no. It IS to say no when you can't stay later, when you can't take more time. This is key to preventing burn out.

Self-care : Make time for what you want to do

  1. Get a nice haircut.

  2. Take an hour away from the phone and away from everyone - get your eyelashes done and take a mini nap. Your body will thank you and you will feel much more confident when you also feel like you look your best.

  3. Go grocery shopping without the kids.

  4. Have a girl's date.

  5. Plan a monthly date night! Even if it's a picnic in your living room.

  6. Buy yourself a new outfit.

  7. Go to the gym.

  8. Visit with a friend.

Self-Care at home (Us moms know the best time are when the kids are occupied or asleep)

  1. Read a book.

  2. Take a hot bubble bath and put your favorite music on.

  3. Watch a movie. (No, not with the kids. Just you, or even with a friend or spouse,)

  4. Take 10 minutes and sit on the couch.

  5. Pick one day where you aren't cooking or cleaning. Let everyone in the house pitch in instead.

There so many ways you can pamper or care for yourself. You don't have to go over budget there's plenty of free or low cost ways. All that is important is that you take care of yourself from time to time. Your body and your mind will thank you.

Let me know your favorite ways you care for yourself!


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