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How to create a Booking Site Login

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to fill out your intake form EVER time you book an appointment?

Did you know you can create a login so that it can save your form information for the appointments you have already booked so you don’t have to keep typing all of that information again ?!

Let me help walk you through it.

It’s Easy !

STEP ONE: book your appointment like you normally do . (If it’s your first time booking that’s fine too!)

STEP TWO: once you have successfully booked your appointment you will see a confirmation page .

here’s an example of the confirmation page.

STEP THREE: on the confirmation page, scroll down until you see the options below ..

STEP FOUR : click on “register for an account” and follow the prompts

STEP FIVE : now you can login to your account on the main page or, if you forget, during booking .

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