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Finger Tattoos: What you need to know

Everyone seems to love finger tattoos. You see celebs flashing their cute finger/hand tattoos and think “huh, I think I want one too!”.

The thing is not everyone does this research on things before booking an appointment and going all in. This is exactly the reason why I like to make sure everyone is aware of the commitment and hurdles before diving in head first.

Difficult to conceal

There are times when employers prohibit tattoos and finger tattoos are almost impossible to conceal - unless you plan on wearing camouflage makeup to TRY to hide it from your boss.

They can become blurry

If you’re expecting perfect results, you might have to think again. Skin on the fingers can make it hard to hold pigment and can result in a blurred tattoo. This is not something that can easily be corrected, if possible, without altering the look of the tattoo.

They fade

Exposure to sun, moisture or lack thereof, daily wear, and heat all are the most common variables that lead a tattoo to fade. That being said, all tattoos fade but finger tattoos fade faster than most tattoos. Think about it… you’re constantly using your hands. Your fingers are constantly exposed to the elements. You’re always washing your hands..

Also, if you’re looking to get a tattoo on the side or bottom parts of your finger, you have to keep in mind these areas fade much faster! This is because these parts of the skin have a faster cycle and regenerate faster.

This is the reality of it all.

Frequency follow up sessions are a must

If you're committed to your finger tattoo, in order to keep them looking good you’ll need to visit your artist often for touch up sessions if they fade or look blurry. That means it’ll be an expensive piece to upkeep.

Rethink Finger Tattoo Ideas

You’ll want to make sure you choose a simple design instead of something detailed or intricate. Fine details can lead to the ink breaking or bleeding to the point that it’s hard to tell what it is or what it says.


You will need to make sure your hands and fingers are kept clean during the healing process. You expose your hands and fingers to germs just by touching your phone and doorknobs, for example. You want to avoid infections. Avoid rubbing, friction, scratching and picking at your tattoo. Use a thin layer of alcohol and fragrance-free moisturizer or ointment to keep your skin nourished. You want to protect your skin.

If you have any questions prior to getting your finger tattoo make sure you speak to your artist. Remember, tattoos are a commitment and not something you can just wash off if you’re unhappy with the outcome.


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